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In Love We Trust (2007) Tr Altyazılı

Haziran 2, 2009

In Love We Trust (2007) Altyazılı

Yönetmen : Xiaoshuai Wang
Tür : Dram
Diğer Adı : In Love We Trust
Süre : Almanya:115 dakika (Berlin Uluslararası Film Festivali)
Ülke : Çin
Dil : Mandarin Çincesi
Oyuncular :
Weiwei Liu, Jia-yi Zhang, Nan Yu, Taisheng Chen, Chuqian Zhang, Yuan Tian

Wellinto Zuo You, one of Wang Xiaoshuai characters remarks that he feelslike he’s in some soap opera. The woman sitting across from him in thecafé snaps back: “I don’t care.” But some viewers, myself included,just might. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with soapoperas. For melodrama to work, though, you can’t skimp on the drama. Iwouldn’t want to trip over the intentional fallacy, but that very ideadoes seem to be what Wang is experimenting with here. Suppose you wereto map out a set of simple plot points, open and plain for all to seealmost from the get-go, and then marry that story to the long-takenaturalism of currently fashionable festival fare? In Zuo You at least,the result is a disappointingly bland neither/nor